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The accreditation process for the 54th International Hofer Film Festival

The cinema screenings in Hof will take place from 20-25 October in accordance with the valid Corona regulations. Parallel, the festival program is available via an on-demand platform of the Hof International Film Festival. The talks and discussion rounds of HoF PLUS will take place exclusively online. Parties and receptions are unfortunately not allowed this year.

Your contact person
Julia Basler will be happy to answer any questions you may have about accreditation:

HoF On-Demand

Access to the online program HoF On-Demand (limited to Germany/geo-blocking) and to the industry event HoF PLUS
Price: 60 euros
Registration deadline: 24 October 2020


* The trade audience includes professional representatives of the film, cinema and festival industry as well as filmmakers and actors. Students of film and media studies are also eligible for accreditation. If you have not been to Hof in previous years, please apply with a proof of activity or a certificate of study. There is no legal claim to accreditation.